Where should we start? A lot has been going on in the past couple of months, first of all we am pleased to inform all of you that My Pretty Little War is ready to start recording our first EP!! We have found the right studio for us and we are now just making sure that all of our songs are in the best shape so the EP comes out perfect.

Another exciting thing is that we are currently in Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands and the winner gets to play Vans Warped Tour. Here’s the low down on how this thing works; various bands sign up for the nearest location where Warped Tour stops by, for us the location is Irvine, and are thrown in the first round of battles. The first round winners are the top 100 bands that have the most votes. After that, the top bands are put in front in front of a panel of judges, made up of the biggest names in the music business, and play their heart out. Out of the top 100 bands, four bands are selected to play the Ernie Ball stage on Vans Warped Tour.

We are extremely excited for everything that’s coming up and we would like to thank you guys for coming along with us on this ride!
Here is the link to our Battle of the Bands profile, vote for us!!!


My Pretty Little War has played some great gigs at some famous places including Chain Reaction, The Key Club, and The World Famous Roxy Theater. We are happy as a band to have those gigs under our belt and we want to play more and more places. It’s time to get the ball rolling for this band and get shit done. All that we ask is for fans to spread the word and join us in this journey, because without you guys to hear our music, the ball can’t roll. Find us on here and Facebook.com/myprettylittlewar

Let’s try this out and see where this will take us.

Basically, My Pretty Little War is a garage rock band from Downey CA. We are just trying to bring authentic, good rock to the masses. No synths, no drum machines, no autotune; just guitars, drums, and genuine vocals. Inspired from acts such as; Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Blink 182, Metallica, Green Day, The Beatles, and The Clash.
My Pretty Little War is:
Alex Mendez – Drums
Johnny Strang – Vocals/Rhythm guitar
Marcello Mendoza – Bass
Chris Pleasant – Lead Guitar

Just a couple of guys who just want to play and put on a damn good rock show.